Mexican American studies ban

The state of Arizona has pushed to delay its day in court.
Discrimination is the only explanation for Arizona's banning of Mexican American Studies, threatening intellectual freedom for the entire nation. A federal appeals court suggested as much in their opinion on July 7, 2015.
In January, the outgoing state head of education, John Huppenthal, said the curriculum violated a 2010 ethnic studies law
But under pressure from state officials, the school board dismantled the program in January 2012. The hip host artist offered
“It’s about racism, it’s about power, it’s about influence, it’s about law -- about how law shapes and instructs racism and
"Jane H. Hill has made a significant contribution to the scholarship of antiracist literature by describing how White racism
Let us know whether you think this poem should be banned from schools in the comments. Under pressure from state education
SAN FRANCISCO -- Dozens of ethnic studies supporters on Monday packed a courtroom at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
“I think that what was going on in those classrooms was just offensive,” John Huppenthal, the former head of the Arizona