Mexican American studies ban

The state of Arizona has pushed to delay its day in court.
Discrimination is the only explanation for Arizona's banning of Mexican American Studies, threatening intellectual freedom for the entire nation. A federal appeals court suggested as much in their opinion on July 7, 2015.
Tuesday’s announcement by Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, a Republican, came after her predecessor
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments this month in a case brought by Tucson students that aims to overturn
Delgado told HuffPost he was proud to have his book included in the prohibited curriculum, which independent researchers
Fox News is raising alarm bells over an Arizona college course that studies whiteness. The network’s “Fox and Friends” show
If I love and respect you, You are my other me. The incoming head of Arizona’s education department, Diane Douglas, also
The attorney for Arizona, Leslie Kyman Cooper, disputed the contention that the law aimed to discriminate against Mexican
A state-commissioned audit of the program found the courses fostered critical thinking and recommended expanding them. A
I don't know that I would say I stand by that comment, because you're then going to try to attribute that to the negative
“Hip Hop is defined as the artistic response to oppression,” KRS-One's essay reads. Huppenthal says the essay violates the
Students who took the courses performed better on the state tests and graduated at a higher rate, the study found. The teachers
Neither of the officials who spearheaded the law will hold public office as of next year. Huppenthal, who during his reelection
There’s a word to describe books that can’t be taught in classrooms: “banned.”
Every week is banned books week for Chicanos. In Arizona, two Chicana high school students, Maya Arce and Korina Lopez, await
Brnovich is an immigration hardliner who opposes “amnesty” and said on the campaign trail that he’d support outgoing Gov
Will the GOP stand on the sidelines as Falcon9 and other Arizona Republicans waste millions more in taxpayer money and gut the educational system, all the while offending, alienating and oppressing the largest growing segment of voters in the nation?
The Mexican American Studies (MAS) program in Tucson, Ariz., began in 1998 as a few courses and grew to 43 classes serving
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