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Cinco de Mayo is an important Mexican holiday, so let's not reduce it to an excuse to drink while wearing a sombrero.
Tony said, "What do you need?" A few of the singers seemed nervous as they walked up to the piano and plopped down their
In part due to Latinos' increasing diversity, when political tensions flare north of the Rio Grande, they are often personified by something every American understands: a Mexican dish.
-- Even baby boomers have a difficult time remembering when tacos--like pizza--weren't a ubiquitous part of the culinary
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South Philly Barbacoa serves up Mexican food with a side of social justice.
But some prefer theirs prepared by legal immigrants.
“Dude, you’re vegetarian... what the heck can you eat there anyways?”
Here at The Chic Site we love us some Tex-Mex dishes! Combined with flavor and all things tasty, you can't really go wrong
I tend to follow food and food follows me and it has always been that way ever since I first put foot on foreign soil. In other words, travel and food are close siblings in my world, not distant relatives.
Easy Mexican Fried Ice Cream. It's a thing. And yes, it involves actually frying ice cream. Because, people love to fry things. Have you ever been to a fair?
Knowing how to make margaritas is a very important skill in life. These are such easy drinks to make. They are so refreshing, especially when made with real fruit!
Many different countries make their own version of ceviche, but they all start with the same basic ingredients. For Cinco de Mayo or something cool on a hot day, my simple and fresh recipe's sure to satisfy.
Plan a Cinco de Mayo fiesta everyone will love by including some of these delicious recipes! I decided to mix up the traditional
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