Twenty-two people were killed in the attack on Saturday and about two dozen others were wounded.
A California restaurant customer went on a racist rant after he couldn’t understand the bilingual menu.
Ohio GOP congressional candidate Christina Hagan is trying to stir anti-immigrant sentiment with a misleading ad.
In Mexico City, an artist is displaying a caricature of Donald Trump as an alien overlord, inspired by John Carpenter’s cult b-movie classic "They Live."
The Syrian refugee crisis is a humanitarian crisis. There are children growing up in crowded refugee camps and families that
I can teach my students to think critically, question, participate, care, and create a better world. I can share inspiration and truth that will cut through rhetoric and deception. Words have good and bad ways.
She is not going to move the voters with her oratory skills, or by making promises that everyone already predicts. She needs to narrow her communication gap with the voters by dispensing with the guarded persona that muddles her message--even though the content in her message is far more defined, corporeal, and nuanced than her opponent's rather murky "plans" (declarations only, no details).
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been a disgrace to his party and an embarrassment to the nation. He has consistently demonstrated that he does not have the temperament, judgment, background or humility to lead our country.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a number of things during Monday night's debate, including her husband Bill's signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the collapse of the U.S. economy during President George W. Bush's administration, and the rise of the terrorist organization ISIS.
1. The Mexican Government's invitation to Trump (and Clinton) was a serious strategic and historic mistake for Mexico. It
Trump is the candidate of fear and anger. He has sought to divide the country into winners, those who support him, and losers
The political discourse of this year's presidential election is characterized by single stories. These single stories are dramatically changing group dynamics in the U.S. and abroad, widening gaps amongst already polarized communities and ethnicities.
When told that Mr. Trumpf's birth certificate indicated that his race is Caucasian, the challenger whispered, "How do we know it's real?"
By contrasting Trump's bigotry and attempts to divide us with what America really stands for, Secretary Clinton has offered something more than merely a politically effective attack -- she's offered Americans a choice about how we want to define our nation.
Trump's radical immigration and racial politics may return to haunt him in the main election, and should the giant arise, it would spell doom.
Controversy is swirling around Trump's latest comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge presiding over the class action lawsuit against Trump University. In an interview on June 3 with Jake Tapper of CNN, among other statements, Trump declared: "Jake, he's a Mexican."
2. Mexicans are lazy. (False.) *** Court Stroud is a writer and a longtime media executive who has worked for companies such
Donald Trump sets a high mark here. He never talks about his mother, never mentions her in his speeches. In fact, Mrs. Trump senior seems shrouded in secrecy.