Mexico City Policy

Santos Simione operates health clinics in Mozambique, which has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world, with one in
The Trump administration not only reinstated the Global Gag Rule, it expanded it – by 15 times.
I am haunted by the face of an 11-year-old Kenyan girl.
When US policy restricts access to global health services, women and children suffer the most.
Last year the funding helped prevent an estimated 10,000 maternal deaths and 100,000 unsafe abortions.
Defunding organizations that provide reproductive health services increases the risk of a life lost.
To counteract Trump's policy shift, eight countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Canada, announced on Thursday that they are creating an effort to raise funds to fill the potential deficit.
Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you should be very concerned by Mr. Trump’s re-instituting the “Global Gag Rule,” also
The actions taken by the Trump Administration on abortion rights, sexuality education, and contraception will provide early signals of the direction in which he intends to take all human rights over the next four years.
It bars international health organizations that receive U.S. funding from mentioning abortion as a family planning option.
“When it was in place, the global gag rule blocked funding for basic family-planning services, contraception and preventative
For decades, reinstating the Global Gag Rule has been seen as the default "pro-life" position. I would argue that it's anything but.
Though HR 1 never made it past the Senate, Republican lawmakers continue to stand by the spending cuts it called for. "We're