mexico drug war

Mr. Trump, if as President you want to get a better deal on Cuba, I suggest you just apply your time proven 11 negotiating
"In comparison to so many other countries in the world ... Mexico is a culturally homogeneous country that does not have the problems of racism, religious wars or migration."
The cartel leader can still appeal, possibly delaying his removal for weeks or months.
The notorious drug lord was recently moved to a prison near the American border.
Joaquín Guzmán’s attorney says he fears for his client’s life.
Cases brought against the kingpin have had a way of falling apart.
Apparently, escaping from jail in Mexico won't add to your jail time.
A lawyer for "El Mochomo" denies he took a plea deal to act as a government witness.
A lot of things will have to happen before he’s even extradited.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration continues to cling to its discredited story.