mexico u.s. relations

U.S. agents seized over 2,200 pounds of cocaine and over 11,000 pounds of marijuana.
The politics of soccer, it turns out, are much more unifying than the politics of politics.
The symbiotic relationship between Mexico and the U.S. demands a better understanding of the general public interest of both countries. The U.S. needs to support not only economic agreements but also agreements that are beneficial to the public, international good.
Barack Obama's recent visit to Mexico, the fourth of his presidency, represented an important, deliberate attempt to shift the focus of Mexico-U.S. relations from security to economic improvement.
It is time to recognize that some companies that fish and sell tuna under the "dolphin-safe" label do not accord dolphins the same protection as the Mexican fleet, and it is also time for them to face the facts, just like the Mexican fleet did years ago.