Mexico%e2United States barrier

Lawyers reveal — then retract — plan for more wall in Arizona and California, according to a court filing, Bloomberg reports.
To divert $3.6 billion to Trump's border wall, military projects in 23 states, 19 countries and three U.S. territories would be stalled or killed.
The horror author trolled the president with a reminder of his biggest -- and so far emptiest -- campaign promise.
The near one-mile wall was propped up over the weekend on private land between Texas and New Mexico.
Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage said groundbreaking would begin in April. People are waiting.
The MSNBC host explained why Trump has "run out of moves."
Writer Don Winslow wants to go face-to-face with Trump to show the president's "narrative" about the border is a "lie."
“I heard when there was no wall immigrants would just swim across the Ariana Grande and be right here in El Paso."
El Paso was getting safer well before the city's current border fence was constructed.
A major protest is planned as Trump kicks off his first campaign rally of the year in the Texas border city.
“What the president seems to be doing now is re-imagining stuff that isn’t really what he really wanted as something that he’s actually wanted all along."
Trump claimed Pelosi's refusal to back the wall was contributing to "people dying all over the country."
After touching on news of the "Empire" star, the president segued into a renewed call for a border wall.
Members of a congressional panel are working on a border deal to prevent another government shutdown.
Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin also explained how the declaration of a national emergency to pay for the border wall could end in Trump’s humiliation.
Trump insists he didn’t cave to anyone and said the standoff with Democrats was far from over.