That shift has not been unique to Michigan. As the table below shows, the "very conservative" subgroup has been Romney's
The entire Michigan result was a "disaster" for Romney, Brabender said. The call was held to try to shift the narrative on
She said that she thought he was having a tough time gathering "support" and "energy." "Whether Romney wins or loses in Michigan
"More jobs, less debt and smaller government – you're going to hear that" over and over in the states ahead, he said. In
"The longer this goes on, Republican voters are saying 'We don't like any of them,'" Steve Schmidt, campaign manager for
Despite the wide margin in union-member votes, Michigan voters who strongly supported for the auto bailout were generally
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. Observers are watching closely to see if a higher percentage of voters identify as Democrats than the 7 percent who identified
"He's more for the issues I'm concerned about. I think he's trying to fix the economy and also health care," Maddox said