Haroon Syed, 19, from London admitted to researching weapons and potential targets for a terror attack.
Eyewitnesses and survivors of the London terror attack describe how events unfolded.
The UK police says it will stop sharing intelligence with the United States, after U.S. officials leaked information that potentially compromised the investigation into the Manchester suicide bombing.
At least four are dead in London after a terrorist drove through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before stabbing a police officer outside the Houses of Parliament.
Rather than operating in silos, it is time to join forces at a U.N-like "security summit" that can focus on strengthening security in six critical areas: public venues, transportation, cultural and educational institutions, workplaces, border control and data and technology. By leveraging our combined military, intelligence, technology and economic power, we can better protect our citizens and prevent terrorism from happening in the first place.
The distinction comes 25 years after the agency dropped a ban on hiring gays.
Thursday's stark warning from one of the West's most influential spymasters mirrors a growing concern among Western political
The reality of the war against terrorism is that since 2001, the U.S. has weakened groups like Al-Qaeda, but "hasn't wiped any out" according to a recent Washington Post article.
Storm's own blustery self-image and the bit of unrealness noted aside, Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA is a decent read for anyone watching the world of intelligence who also appreciates a good story.
All of a sudden, in a rush -- though not so spectacular a Rush as the outstanding racing drama which went wide across the U.S. over the weekend -- Homeland is on a dramatically new course. Not just different, not a return to Season 1, as most of the characters are in very different places, but new.