The ultraconservative talk show host asked for donations to move to Washington, but he went to Miami instead.
The NFL player told ESPN he had received death threats after criticizing the real estate developer for hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump.
The NFL star suggested that hosting the event is contradictory to the mission of Stephen Ross's nonprofit, which is aimed at tackling racial discrimination.
The MLB team said it was sorry for the “regrettable exchange."
A pair of toy gorillas were found attached to a noose in an area for employees.
The man was wounded in a drive-by shooting as he waited for services at Young Israel of Greater Miami, the synagogue said.
He's a "terrific guy" and "fun," Trump told New York Magazine for a 2002 profile of his then-pal who faces sex trafficking charges.
Emergency responders were forced to amputate in order to extract the player.
The comrade-in-arms to Cuba's Fidel Castro is hated in Miami, where the New York City mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful spoke at a union rally.
Yaqun Lu, 41, was reportedly also seen by bystanders and police officers "jabbing" at the nest with a wooden stake.
Players left the field as an exterminator in a beekeeping suit climbed a ladder to tackle the swarm.
The NBA legend stunned students when he was introduced as the guest speaker at the ceremony.
Miami-Dade police officer Alejandro Giraldo faces battery and misconduct charges after violently arresting a woman who had called for help.
The retiring Miami Heat star's collision in his final home game created a meme-worthy moment for the celebrity pair.
"We support each other with Pride!" the retiring Miami Heat star wrote in a photo of wife Gabrielle Union and son Zion at the Miami Beach march.
The agency is unlawfully detaining Americans and threatening them with deportation — not just in Florida, but nationwide, according to a report.
By day, the Miami-based drag queen is known as Rock Evans, a personal trainer and bodybuilder.
A South Florida cop was suspended after putting a woman who called the police in a headlock and arresting her.
The agency said staffers were pointing to "financial limitations" as the government shutdown nears month two.
A TSA staffing shortage is leading the airport to temporarily close a terminal used by United Airlines.