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Never mind that pop star serving as the ultimate Miami Beach cliché and taking up all today's news: look at these cute baby
We've been safely swimming in Florida lakes our whole lives, but never without a tingle of awareness that at any moment we might see an alligator hurtling out of the deep, headed right for us.
That terrifying scenario has been captured in an amazing underwater image by photographer and shark expert Jim Abernethy
“I’m hearing the voice of the people, and so I don’t think it’s good right now to raise the countywide millage,” Gimenez
Take the man o' war, for example: "People here associate negatively with it -- you get stung, it's painful -- but it's such
Isn't this the cutest painting Matschie's Tree Kangaroo you've ever seen? Actually, we're guessing Patty here is the only
Looking at these photos of adorable baby animal friends at Florida's Dade City Wild Things, it's hard to imagine a less likely
WSVN-TV - Your move, chickens! The animals escaped from a nearby farm and were originally discovered wandering strip malls
Jungle Island recently announced the addition of a member to the zoo family: baby Oliver, a white-faced capuchin monkey! Oliver
Do any of these animals have a place in your home? Before Hurricane Isaac, the Humane Society of Broward County opened its