Miami Dolphins

Brian Flores said he played the hip-hop star's songs at practice to "challenge" Kenny Stills after the receiver questioned Jay's NFL partnership.
The NFL player told ESPN he had received death threats after criticizing the real estate developer for hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump.
The NFL star suggested that hosting the event is contradictory to the mission of Stephen Ross's nonprofit, which is aimed at tackling racial discrimination.
Emergency responders were forced to amputate in order to extract the player.
Trailing New England 33-28 with 7 seconds left, the Dolphins tried something absolutely crazy.
The organization said it would continue to protest the Dolphins and the NFL while players kneel.
Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson of the Dolphins continued to peacefully protest racial injustice.
NFL and players union are in discussions to resolve the anthem issue.
The Los Angeles high school said there was "no imminent threat to our campuses or school community."
It seems like there is a new sexual harassment allegation bombshell each day in the world of media, politics, and entertainment
Head coach Adam Gase previously told players to stand or stay in the tunnel.
Here's a list of players and teams who demonstrated during Sunday’s games.
Colin Kaepernick deserves our support and admiration. It is now common knowledge that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback