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Miami's plasticity factor isn't merely phony people and silicone implants; it's a giant chemical dioxin dump of garbage washing up on our shores.
A month ago, state regulators raised the alarm over silt from the Deep Dredge killing Miami corals. Now the feds are stepping
Chuck Underwood, spokesman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said the agency is still considering the foundation's
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They say size doesn't matter, but the invasive Burmese pythons multiplying in the Everglades are beginning to haunt our nightmares
In early December, 51 pilot whales swam into shallow water in the Florida Keys, triggering a frantic rescue effort. Eleven
To get the rock needed for making pavement and concrete, miners want to dynamite and dig up thousands of acres in Lee and
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Everything makes sense now. I think you mean a BOSS evolutionary dead end. — Spencer Hall (@edsbs
Sharks are critical to the overall balance of ocean ecosystems, but commercial fisherman catch them by the millions for their