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Miami's plasticity factor isn't merely phony people and silicone implants; it's a giant chemical dioxin dump of garbage washing up on our shores.
A month ago, state regulators raised the alarm over silt from the Deep Dredge killing Miami corals. Now the feds are stepping
Although a reclassified species would still retain full protection, the downlisting could be the first step toward removing
Believed to be the fault of irresponsible exotic pet owners or the offspring of snakes set loose during Hurricane Andrew
Mase said tests showed those whales were not infected with the morbilivirus virus, a measles-like infection that was responsible
To get the rock needed for making pavement and concrete, miners want to dynamite and dig up thousands of acres in Lee and
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Everything makes sense now. I think you mean a BOSS evolutionary dead end. — Spencer Hall (@edsbs
Technically called "pop-up archival satellite tags," the devices can gather an enormous amount of information, so much that
There's nothing like the Florida Everglades, a stunning tropical wetlands where the circle of life occasionally resembles
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But increasingly, scientists are counting on strategically chosen insects to provide an alternative to chemical treatments
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"Now when I go around town, everybody is talking about Rupert, everybody has seen Rupert," Voigt said. "I don't think anyone's
For South Florida promoters, the reefs are among the region's biggest attractions. "We haven't had a large crash in the population
(c)2013 the Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) "Yes, it's inconvenient, but the water goes back down when the tide goes
While Merrie Christmas Park is closed indefinitely, Blanche Park remain open after the county used pavement and astroturf
NOAA's Miami labs also are focused on endangered sea turtles and mammals, fish populations and ecology, the health of local
When major rains overwhelmed Lake Okeechobee this summer, the Army Corps of Engineers released billions of gallons of polluted