Miami Herald

But Republicans will "no doubt continue to deny they have a white supremacy problem,” the newspaper wrote in a scathing editorial.
The problem was the web address printed in a flier left out a hyphen, prompting drivers to visit the wrong website.
Some residents love the colorful birds while others complain of droppings, noise and the damage they cause by roosting on cars or houses.
"Say they are abhorrent. Say they are despicable. Say they have no part in this society or this state. But no," the newspaper's editorial board wrote.
The newspaper's editorial board ripped the Florida Republican's latest take on COVID-19 shots.
The city extended restrictions until the end of spring break as maskless, out-of-control crowds mob the streets.
Editorial boards across the country published blistering columns calling for the president's immediate departure following the Capitol riot.
The newspaper, along with the Miami Herald, joined Democrats in arguing the president's Cabinet should remove him under the 25th Amendment.
The unnamed suspect has been charged with computer use in an attempt to defraud, a felony.
The publisher of The Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald and other papers is seeking to restructure amid the broader decline of local news in the U.S.