Everything I know about the true meaning of Christmas I learned from Freddie Mercury and the rock band Queen. OK... maybe not everything. Some of it I learned from the prophet Micah.
Mark Driscoll should take some of his royalties and hire a full-time prophet. Not a friend but an opponent. Not a pushover but a person of incisive intellect. Maybe not even a man but a woman. Someone like Deborah, who exercised enormous power among Israel's early judges. Like Huldah, whose prophecies led to intense reform.
One of the bravest women I know is 31 year old single mom, Elissa Gaus. On May 7th, 2010, Elissa’s 4 year old son Micah was diagnosed with a baseball size brain tumor. Since then, Micah has endured 5 surgeries and 46 rounds of radiation. How is a young boy able to fight such a battle and still thrive? Elissa gives all credit to Micah who shows her to “live life to the fullest and be happy." Watch Elissa enjoy a day of pampering as she’s transformed through fashion and beauty by GLAM4GOOD.