Michael Arad

September 12th is very special day. Every year, reliably, something big happens on that day. This year is no different. The
"I ... pray that I will find the means to convey the beauty that I’ve seen here in Charleston.”
Bloomberg called the Sphere a "stirring tribute to the courage of those we lost and a symbol of the resiliency of the American
Now, a decade along, downtown New York City has not only recovered, it's been reborn. With a nod to the past and an eye toward the future, the World Trade Center site lives once more.
And at that conceptual level -- the massing and siting of the buildings, of the memorial, of the new streets -- it's remarkable
No one critic can make proclamations concerning whether a memorial site succeeds in mitigating the lingering trauma and loss of a violent cataclysm for the public. Spiritual sustenance and healing is exceedingly personal.
Nothing about this memorial is hidden -- not from the city, and not from visitors. And in this way, Arad has made sure his
After Sept. 11 the public demanded that the new World Trade Center plaza abandon the "superblock" style and let Manhattan's
In an effort to attract new tenants to the new World Trade Center site, developer Larry Silverstein, Mayor Bloomberg, and
The National September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero will open this September 11th, the tenth anniversary of the attacks. The