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Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest launched a season of epic resistance for NFL players.
Even though Colin Kaepernick didn’t play football this season, his peaceful protest was still very much a part of the NFL’s season of epic resistance.
"He'd be disappointed at the slow pace of progress," the cover artist said of the civil rights leader.
The picture went viral, but it's totally bogus.
Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett gave an emotional statement after being apprehended by Las Vegas police.
"I see no evidence that race played any role in this incident," a police official said.
The Seattle Seahawk shared a chilling letter about the incident on Twitter.
The two brothers have quite a track record of generosity.
Outspoken and candid, the 31-year-old star defensive end is making a very positive difference off the field.
Because no more important backup position exists in the NFL than at quarterback.