michael boggs

It's over for Michael Boggs. Like, really over.
They continued, "Throughout the process, Judge Boggs has exhibited enormous restraint and the temperament expected of a jurist
But Perdue has suggested he's open to other nominees for the post, too. "The great news: our voices were heard! Altogether
Isakson shrugged when asked if he expects Obama to give Boggs another shot. Isakson conceded Wednesday that Boggs has little
Federal judicial nominees routinely -- and appropriately -- assure senators that their personal feelings and political positions will play no role in their judicial decisions. But this particular nominee did exactly the opposite when running for election as a state judge in 2004.
Boggs has the distinction of being Obama's first judicial nominee to go down at the hands of Democrats. A number of Senate
Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, became the first Democrat to throw his support behind President Barack
Boggs was part of an all-or-nothing package of seven judicial nominees that President Barack Obama approved last year with
"I've thought about it long and hard, and I'm going to vote against him," Schumer, who sits on the committee, said in an
WASHINGTON -- The Senate Judiciary Committee is moving forward with a batch of federal judicial candidates for Georgia this
More than two dozen human rights organizations signed on to a letter sent Wednesday night to members of the Senate Judiciary
Boggs offered a new explanation to senators this week: He said he was aware of abortion providers being murdered in the early
Committee members had a range of follow-up questions for Boggs, but Blumenthal homed in on Boggs' self-described lack of
"He built a political career by bragging about his 'Christian values' -- which apparently include fear-mongering about 'homosexual
The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. "Have you heard about these clinics being bombed and
The White House continues to stand by Boggs' nomination. Lewis maintained Monday that he was staying quiet out of respect
Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis announced Monday that he opposes President Obama's controversial judicial nominee Michael Boggs, saying his socially conservative record on civil rights, gay rights and abortion rights "is in direct opposition to everything I have stood for during my career."
Tensions grew to the point where Lewis drew a rare rebuke on Sunday from fellow Georgia Democratic Rep. David Scott, after
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) offered a rare reprieve Sunday for President Barack Obama's beleaguered judicial pick Michael Boggs, saying she's not prepared to vote against him for now and citing support he has from the black community in his home state.
Feinstein's hedging on Boggs is notable given her role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is likely to vote on Boggs