Michael Brune

The environmental group pledged to examine its “substantial role in perpetuating white supremacy” and to remove or rename monuments of founder John Muir.
Candidates who side with polluters against the environment are marked for defeat in November's elections.
This column was co-written by Bruce Nilles, senior director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign. We have big news to
"The treaty ultimately fails the laugh test: It doesn't reference climate change at all, while enshrining new legal means
Think about your childhood: How many of your favorite memories stem from summer days? From camps or vacations, or from simply
As the Club entered the 21st century, we realized that simply saving the places we loved wouldn't be enough. If we fail to address the threat of climate destruction, we could see much of the progress we have achieved -- John Muir's legacy -- undone.
Brune posted an exchange to Facebook on Friday that he had with an unnamed oil executive. According to Brune's note, the
The irony of it all: Jones may have drawn more attention to his testimony by not disclosing his ties than he would have by being transparent about them up-front, as required by the House.
Here's the inconvenient truth about the Keystone XL: TransCanada does not need the pipeline's northern leg to begin pumping hundreds of thousands of barrels of toxic tar sands daily through America's breadbasket for export overseas.
The Senate took up bipartisan energy efficiency legislation last week, but didn't make much progress before the close of