Michael Brune

Candidates who side with polluters against the environment are marked for defeat in November's elections.
This column was co-written by Bruce Nilles, senior director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign. We have big news to
Oil Change International Executive Director & Founder Steve Kretzmann: "Nobody can call the TPP a win for the environment
The president may be able to issue a proclamation, but the responsibility for getting outdoors and staying active rests with
As the Club entered the 21st century, we realized that simply saving the places we loved wouldn't be enough. If we fail to address the threat of climate destruction, we could see much of the progress we have achieved -- John Muir's legacy -- undone.
Brune's experience comes days after dozens of senators held an all-nighter on climate change. The event was aimed at sparking
The irony of it all: Jones may have drawn more attention to his testimony by not disclosing his ties than he would have by being transparent about them up-front, as required by the House.
Here's the inconvenient truth about the Keystone XL: TransCanada does not need the pipeline's northern leg to begin pumping hundreds of thousands of barrels of toxic tar sands daily through America's breadbasket for export overseas.
The Senate took up bipartisan energy efficiency legislation last week, but didn't make much progress before the close of
Watch the above clip to hear the rest of the debate, and let us know in the comments below: Do you think Keystone is the
When I handcuffed my wrist to the White House fence on February 13 along with author Bill McKibben, the Sierra Club's Michael Brune, civil rights icon Julian Bond and 44 others, it was a big moment for my organization, Earth Quaker Action Team.
While President Obama's focus on climate change is a welcome, albeit belated, shift, it remains to be seen whether he will match words with action. More and more environmental organizations and activists are prepared to keep the pressure on to ensure he does.
Michael responded that the Sierra Club includes a wide range of people, from far right to far left, in many ways not unlike
As to be expected, there has been a lot of distortion around the Michigan Clean Energy ballot Proposal 3 in the weeks leading up to the election, confusing voters about one of the more meaningful proposals on the state-wide ballot this year.
The choice is ours. Do we want to continue to pollute the planet, kill ourselves and have no regard for anything wild, or will more people join the grassroots environmental movement and take a stand against corporations that put profits first?
Wildlife die offs are resulting not from the catastrophic climate change we may yet unleash, but from the much more modest climate disruption already underway.
This week a prominent climate-cynics site, Watt's Up With That, promoted a climate-misinformation iPhone app that contains far more damaging Orwellian language than the Sierra Club's coal industry spoof.