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The "Dexter" actor told The Daily Beast he has "leaned into any fluidity" when it comes to sexuality.
Christine, Antonio Campos' new movie from a script by Craig Shilowich may be the Room of the current season: an indie film
Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall reflect on the series, which debuted 15 years ago.
But did they have blood slides for wedding favors?
"Lazarus" helped Hall shed the skin of his most famous character.
"Is there an end to it?" someone cried out an hour into the new musical at New York Theatre Workshop. "When do you think I can leave? It has to be soon!"
When you see Hall on stage, he's full of piss and vinegar, but as he sits in his dressing room, barefoot and in jeans, a T-shirt and painted nails, he's reflective and gentle. He chooses his words so carefully that you can't help but hang on to every one.
"Midnight Radio" Moving on, I'm so very thankful my dad passed on his love of theatre to me. I am, however, a bit more reserved
Hall as Hedwig is a physical goddess, thigh muscles rippling as she struts across the stage one minute, then the next minute lowers to a full knee bend, crouching and jumping, climbing the side of the stage a second later.
Michael C. Hall "Six Feet Under": David Fisher Afterwards: Dexter, "Dexter" Michael C. Hall has spent the majority of his