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The co-host of the "SNL" news segment cooked up an iconic film reference for Murdoch, who stepped down as chair of his media empire.
The co-anchors of the "Saturday Night Live" news segment scorched Trump and his family amid the former president's legal battles.
Jost struggled to get through the start of the "SNL" news program before his co-host Michael Che made a big revelation.
The shocking incident was addressed several times on "Saturday Night Live," including by "O.J. Simpson" (Kenan Thompson) on "Weekend Update."
In an Instagram post, Che clarified he was "not leaving SNL" but did not confirm whether he intended to stay at the "Weekend Update" desk.
The comedian got blasted for the second week in a row for his remarks on “Saturday Night Live.”
Che responded to the job offer suggesting he has undying loyalty to his "SNL" cast mate — only to prove he's a tough negotiator.
This is despite the “Saturday Night Live” "Weekend Update" co-anchor describing himself as a “great babysitter.”
“For obvious reasons, there’s no way that’s going on the show," the "Saturday Night Live" comedian said of the bit.
The "Saturday Night Live" star had to riff on "let's do lunch" and he ate it up.