Michael Chertoff

The former Homeland Security secretary is the latest Bush administration official to support Clinton.
"To me, the most frustrating thing is when people treat privacy and security as if they are trade-offs."
"I disagree with that assessment," Johnson tells a questioner at the event, which the Democrat-aligned political group American
Besides Chertoff himself, they include former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who works for the Chertoff Group, and former National

Corn & Christie debate the need for auto safety regulation on 50th of Unsafe at Any Speed (consensus yes) & for Net Neutrality (split decision). Also, do Bill-O's "war stories" matter since he's a) an influential public figure or b) a smug, blustery braggart as his business model?

But those attacks may pale in comparison to "the next wave of attacks in the near-medium term" that could be far more destructive
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"No one understands the need for security more than the business community, where one break in the supply chain can put an
After years of emphasis on melding the nation's intelligence apparatus under one umbrella to avoid the failures in the lead
A major factor has been the splintered congressional oversight of homeland security and intelligence matters. Despite the
“We’re seeing huge returns on our investments. We’re pretty excited about all the opportunities out there; every agency in
Chertoff said that includes the current fervor to cut off aid to the regime in Islamabad. Hayden agreed, adding there have
Does the press have the right to disclose some secrets? I believe that too many documents are designated "top-secret" when they really should be designated "embarrassing."
Big banks and credit card companies have made a PR misstep in the fight over debit card charges. They're trying to use the Bush administration's anti-terror team to convince Americans that debit card fees are needed for our nation's security.
In the shadow elite age, when power brokers can have a dozen roles of influence, criss-crossing and sometimes overlapping, sorting through them to pick the most telling ones is both more difficult -- and more imperative -- than ever before.
If you're thinking of traveling, get ready to do what air travelers do -- prepare to pay more and to be violated beyond any level you could have imagined a few years ago. And be assured the blame is bi-partisan.