Michael Clarke Duncan

Even though the show was meant to find a husband for Omarosa, she was actually involved with actor Michael Clarke Duncan, according to a former cast member.
Some racist jerk has desecrated Michael Clark Duncan's grave ... this according to a Duncan family rep, who tells TMZ a vandalism
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As 2012 wraps up, we can gain insight into our current zeitgeist by looking at our Internet search behavior. Here are the
Video of Hanks' eulogy for Duncan has now gone viral, having received more than 470,000 views at the time this was written
An American TV station has had to apologize recently after using a stock photo of singer Seal while reporting on the death
Michael Clarke Duncan died from respiratory failure, weeks after going into cardiac arrest ... this according to the actor's
The adult film industry is cracking down and shaming people into paying fines who upload and download porn. To get the links
"I am devastated," Omarosa said in a statement to RadarOnline.com. "He was the love of my life." The actor gushed over his
The term "gentle giant" may be overused, but I can't imagine a soul for whom the words could be better intended.