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House of Spies by Daniel Silva "Another chilling glimpse inside global terror networks from a gifted storyteller." Gabriel
The Locals by Johnathan Dee "An absorbing panorama of small-town life and a study of democracy in miniature, with both the
Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta "More spot-on satire with heart and soul from a uniquely gifted writer." In Perrotta's latest
Meanwhile Harry is also working the "screen cutter" case for the San Fernando Police Department. This case involves a serial
And kill a reader's interest, too. While the story is hypermodern in subject matter, it feels decidedly old-school in its
[This review originally appeared in the New York Journal of Books] The novel has some pretty good plotting pitting dirty
TV Review - Jackie K Cooper "Bosch/Season 2" (Amazon Prime) Ryan, Clarke and Lintz along with Steven Bauer, Lance Reddick
Season two starts with Bosch returning from a six-month leave of absence, and Welliver says that has focused him on more
I've had the great fortune of interviewing many acclaimed authors. They always have much to say about the craft of writing. One of the questions I've asked often has been What has surprised you about the writing life?
Over the last few years, I've been writing fiction. For decades, I've been a psychiatrist. As a novelist, I now write with a reader's sensibility, and read with a writer's eye. I'm struck by the degree to which fiction and psychology share certain crucial elements.
She's considered America's foremost legal expert on sexual assault and domestic violence. When she turned her talents and impressive background to writing novels, Linda created Prosecutor Alex Cooper, and her team of attorneys and police officers, including Detective Mike Cooper.
Titus Welliver has the star-making role of Harry Bosch, and he plays it to perfection. He may not look or sound like your pre-TV image of Harry might have been, but he surely captures the essence of the character. He has the rugged swagger mixed with the soulful eyes.
I'm often asked why I write crime-thriller novels. Sometimes, I think the answer is easy: I love to read them, so I write them, too.
I was always the guy who remembered everything, from baseball stats to the B-sides of obscure singles to phone numbers I hadn't dialed in decades. But recently, finding my eyeglasses and keys had required more and more sleuthing.
This week the majority of best-selling ebooks belong to Penguin Random House, which scores 13 of the top 25 titles, including the No. 1 spot, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The title is likely buoyed up by the forthcoming release of a film adaptation, directed by Angelina Jolie and due out in theaters on Christmas Day.