michael dukakis

As Democrats eye their 2020 White House candidates, it's best to recall that the "electability" path is littered with the bodies of losers.
“Who else would Democrats let in?” the ad asks, highlighting the story of an immigrant convicted of killing two police officers.
No political ideology in modern American history has failed as consistently, or for as long, as the Wall Street-friendly
Every age has its own preferred terms of political emasculation. Teddy Roosevelt called Woodrow Wilson a “white-handy Miss
To a great extent, Republican policies at the state and national level have contributed to the plight of these communities that the Democratic Party abandoned.
The question of what a wealthy, older and egotistical man chooses to do after losing an election, potentially in a very humiliating manner is not, on its own, a particularly interesting one.
Well, he's really done it this time, hasn't he?
Treat Williams stars in the festival's closing night movie made by former Long Island congressman Robert Mrazeck called The