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We're in the midst of a series of high-profile trials of white Americans who fatally shot unarmed African Americans, which we are constantly told are not about race. Not only is this a losing strategy for the prosecution, but it's dishonest.
Young black men understand that they are disposable as far as society at large is concerned, and they have internalized that message, often harming themselves in the process in addition to being harmed by others.
Martin also added a strong sentiment about the value of the lives of young black men in this country and how the nation seems
The shots continued even as the SUV was fleeing, and Dunn was also convicted of one count of shooting into the vehicle. But
Even with a black man in the White House, we're still training our black boys how to be careful out there. I'm sure they're aware of the danger, having watched how some white people have treated that black president for the past few years.
During an interview on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell, Jordan Davis' parents responded to Dunn saying his
The juror, who asked to be identified as "Valerie" in an exclusive interview on ABC, said the jury ultimately could not agree
A juror in the 'Loud Music' trial says killer deserves a murder conviction
What separates the Michael Dunns and George Zimmermans of the world from your average killer is their insistence that they are not only innocent but wronged.
How much more are black people in this country supposed to take? On Saturday, a Florida jury failed to convict Michael Dunn
Davis related the loss of his son's life to Roberts' own fight with cancer. "We know how people fight so hard to live -- I
One of the daily consequences of this festering racial wound is that parents throughout Florida are living in constant fear that their sons or grandsons will be the next victim of being out in public while black ("BOPWB").
Research found that Stand Your Ground laws increase the likelihood that a homicide will be considered "justified," but only in cases where a white person is accused of killing a black person.
Dunn, who is white, said that he got into an argument with Davis and the other teens over the volume of their music. Dunn
This latest case of an armed white man killing a young, unarmed black male brings with it the by-now common disclaimer, "It's not about race."
Whether it is Florida or any of the other 22 states with these ridiculous and incomprehensible laws on the books, we must push back aggressively and immediately.
Of what value is the soul of an African American teenager? Today, in America, it seems like there is not an equality of souls, of human beings, especially when it comes to the lives of young African American men.
That music was too loud for Michael Dunn. Following an argument over the volume, the 45-year-old man fired his gun into the
Prosecutors called their last witness in direct testimony on Monday, a week after jury selection began in the first-degree