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Ice Cube had to school the HBO host, who still doesn't seem to get it.
We live in a digital world where footprints can be expunged. But shouldn’t a newspaper of record proceed with more caution?
"He didn't see race as [the] broader American issue that it is."
Michael Eric Dyson stops by HuffPost Live to discuss his most recent book, The Black Presidency. Dyson analyzes conflicting
Twice this year (but too many times in my career) my perspective as a Black woman was dismissed in favor of a portrait seen through the filter of the White gaze. Regrettably, I have exited Classic Stage Company's MOTHER COURAGE as a result.
"Sometimes President Obama didn't have permission to be black in public."
To describe this darkest hour in our nation's history as simply being based on a racist hatred of people of African descent is to miss the complexity of the transatlantic slave trade and the work of enslaved Africans in America.
In hindsight, Michael Eric Dyson might have been the person least well-positioned to attack Cornel West about a preference for celebrity over scholarship.
I wish Obama had gone to Ferguson and issued a stinging critique of the Grand Jury. I wish he'd raised hell after the killing of Trayvon Martin. I wish he'd make endemic racial inequality the centerpiece of his final years in office. But that Obama has never been.
Over the past nine months, the FBI has arrested five African Americans suspected of sympathizing with ISIS. These arrests necessitate an examination of why some African Americans might be drawn to violent extremist groups.