Michael Franti

One of his favorite parts of being married? Spiralizing zoodles with his wife Sara. 🥒
Despite general mainstream awareness of issues like animal extinction, what does it take for issues to pierce through our
Topanga Skye (my beautiful daughter) was so lucky 4 years ago. She had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Franti for
Wonder does not appear to be on tour and BottleRock plucked him out of the studio for this show. Odd turns and all, the concert
And what I found was nothing short of magical. Franti and his ER nurse wife founded the Do It For The Love Foundation in
Below, check out our favorite photos from the vibed-out weekend. Festival goers jammed out in the crowd and in the air, taking
We squeeze and breathe, feeling that support, and then the release as we both let go, laughing. We walk out of the studio to the soundtrack of birdsong, our chests lifting up towards the morning sun.
As the mother of three children who were born with a rare medical condition called facial paralysis, as well as other physical challenges, I know first hand the importance of a smile in a child's life and the life of their family.
Some people just give good vibes. Musician and philanthropist Michael Franti and his partner Sara Agah, are two such people, and they give it in spades.
Michael Franti: "I started practicing yoga on tour about 13 years ago as a way to really just take care of myself as I was going in and out of airports and tour busses and doing shows and promotion and staying up late and eating bad restaurant food, et cetera."