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The candidate resigned three years ago to serve time in prison for tax evasion.
These are the convicted criminals pursuing congressional office in 2018.
These are the convicted criminals pursuing congressional office in 2018.
Special elections often get a lot of media attention and political pundits certainly prognosticate about the meaning of the results. But don't be fooled by the political clamor, special elections are actually pretty typical contests.
He announced his resignation in December after pleading guilty to tax evasion related to a Manhattan health food restaurant
I make my living creating, enhancing and protecting brand reputations. That said, the ability of politicians and celebrities to reinvent themselves and make successful comebacks to public life never ceases to amaze me.
"I certainly think that his entire public record, including what happened and did not happen in the context of the grand
In the wake of a guilty plea on felony tax charges, New York GOP Rep. Michael Grimm resigned from Congress the day before the 114th Congress began. Though it is somewhat rare for a member to resign before his or her term even begins, resignations are not uncommon.
The investigation of Grimm began as an inquiry into potentially illegal campaign contributions in that first run for office
Republican leaders moved forcefully on Tuesday to control the damage from a pair of scandals that have suddenly disrupted
Enter your email address: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has to order a special election to fill Grimm's seat, or it will
The news comes less than a week after Grimm pleaded guilty to one count of felony tax fraud. (The congressman was indicted
Michael McAuliff covers Congress and politics for The Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook. Grimm's sentencing was set
Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) pleaded guilty to one count of felony tax fraud on Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn, NY.
Grimm, who represents Staten Island, initially pleaded not guilty, calling the charges a "political witch hunt" and vowing
"Clearly, Speaker Boehner must insist that Congressman Grimm resign immediately," Pelosi said in a Tuesday statement. Voluntary
Grimm was hit with a 20-count federal indictment before he easily won re-election in November, and he will reportedly plead