Michael Hastings

Prothero, based in Turkey, will cover transnational crime and terrorism.
Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert who served as the first Hastings fellow, recently led BuzzFeed to winning a prestigious Dirksen
During a conversation about the media's coverage of Iraq, Jordan agreed with Rivera "hyperbole does not help the public's
Michael Hastings' new book, "The Last Magazine," was released Tuesday, on the first anniversary of his death last June. "The
It's a terrible precedent for Bergdahl's family to receive threats. Why hasn't the noise machine that put out those false translations been forced to issue a retraction?
Ultimately, McChrystal said, “We don’t leave Americans behind. That’s unequivocal.” The former commanding general of international
Hastings' article, "The Runaway General," revealed McChrystal and his staff as highly critical of President Barack Obama
Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Michael Hastings’ ‘The Operators’ Flashback: See Photos of Brad Pitt in the Movie ‘Fight Club
Michael Hastings' older brother Jonathan agreed to talk to about his brother's life: his ambitions, interests, as well as Jonathan's own take on the conspiracy theories surrounding Mike's death.