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Michael Hastings' older brother Jonathan agreed to talk to about his brother's life: his ambitions, interests, as well as Jonathan's own take on the conspiracy theories surrounding Mike's death.
The late journalist Michael Hastings had traces of drugs in his system when he died, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.
Read the full Times report here. Hastings' death prompted an outpouring of conspiracy theories. Elise Jordan, Hastings' widow
"I have no doubt that he was pursuing a hot story. He always had at least five hot stories going — that was Michael," Jordan
BuzzFeed will honor the legacy of the late Michael Hastings through a yearlong fellowship program. The news site announced
In the days before his death, Hastings was reportedly working on a story about a lawsuit filed by Jill Kelley, who was involved
In a rare move, the FBI issued a statement denying that Hastings was under investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department
Hastings died when the car he was driving slammed into a tree and burst into flames early on Tuesday in a wreck that stirred unsubstantiated conspiracy theories on the Internet suggesting he was the victim of government efforts to silence the reporter.
But a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, officer Rosario Herrera, said, "We can confirm that there was no
Hastings died on Tuesday; Rivera said his death was "tragic" but added, "hard to forget he destroyed career of 1 of our best
Even with all of this, there's still been no concrete or credible link that could tie Hastings' fears to his death. As Gawker's
An obituary in The New York Times has sounded a discordant note amid the rest of the encomiums. Now Michael Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan, is firing back at Times brass.
Geraldo Rivera became the target of heavy criticism on Wednesday night after he tweeted what many deemed to be a highly insensitive
Rivera isn't the only person suggesting that Hastings did undue harm to McChrystal's career. Hastings' wife, Elise Jordan
An inquiry into the article by the Defense Department inspector general the next year found “insufficient” evidence of wrongdoing
Journalist Michael Hastings died in a car crash in Los Angeles early Tuesday at the age of 33, according to a statement from his employer, BuzzFeed.
“They’re all deeply enamored with each other,” Uygur said of journalists and government officials in Washington. “You go
The magazine's obituary for Hastings summed him up well: The journalism world reacted with horror at the sudden death of
"We are shocked and devastated by the news that Michael Hastings is gone," BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith said in a statement