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Michael Hastings' older brother Jonathan agreed to talk to about his brother's life: his ambitions, interests, as well as Jonathan's own take on the conspiracy theories surrounding Mike's death.
The late journalist Michael Hastings had traces of drugs in his system when he died, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.
Hastings was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles in June. He was 33. The ultimate verdict: Hastings' death was an accident
Elise Jordan, wife of the late Michael Hastings, sat down with CNN's Piers Morgan to speak out about her husband for the
BuzzFeed will honor the legacy of the late Michael Hastings through a yearlong fellowship program. The Michael Hastings Fellowship
The fire was so all-consuming that it took the Los Angeles County coroner's office two days to identify Hastings' body, but
Subject: FBI Investigation, re: NSA Hey (redacted names) -- the Feds are interviewing my "close friends and associates." Perhaps
Hastings died when the car he was driving slammed into a tree and burst into flames early on Tuesday in a wreck that stirred unsubstantiated conspiracy theories on the Internet suggesting he was the victim of government efforts to silence the reporter.
The Los Angeles Times reported Hastings had been researching a story about a privacy suit brought by Florida socialite Jill
Hastings died on Tuesday; Rivera said his death was "tragic" but added, "hard to forget he destroyed career of 1 of our best
What does appear to be true is that Hastings thought he was being surveilled. On Wednesday night, Wikileaks claimed that
An obituary in The New York Times has sounded a discordant note amid the rest of the encomiums. Now Michael Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan, is firing back at Times brass.
Geraldo Rivera became the target of heavy criticism on Wednesday night after he tweeted what many deemed to be a highly insensitive
Rivera's comments were met with a strong backlash on Twitter. McChrystal's negative comments about the Obama administration
Dear Jill, I was shocked and saddened to read a blatant mischaracterization of my late husband Michael Hastings’s Rolling
Journalist Michael Hastings died in a car crash in Los Angeles early Tuesday at the age of 33, according to a statement from his employer, BuzzFeed.
Scahill chatted with Jay Leno that night about “Dirty Wars,” his revealing new documentary on the extent of U.S. military
Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch wrote, "[the] world has lost a great journalist." The magazine's obituary for Hastings
Hastings, who was also a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, was perhaps best known for his candid Rolling Stone interview