Michael Kelly

The "As One" and "Green Sneakers" baritone has put a fresh spin on "My Funny Valentine," debuting exclusively on HuffPost.
"Oh please oh please," Kelly wrote to "Saturday Night Live" on Twitter.
Everest is riveting. IMAX-3D brings Mt. Everest into your lap and the courageous climbers peril into your heart. Because of IMAX-3D and its power, you will feel as though you are on the climb with them.
Everest has a lot going for it, and I'm sure it'll satisfy those looking for a tense, exciting time at the movies. So why did Everest leave me feeling so flat?
The "House of Cards" actor calls Trump's supporters "so scary."
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But you better do it now. Because come April 2, they’ll be gone -- sort of like what happens if you cross Doug Stamper. Don’t
"I have my fingers crossed," he said. "It's my best job I've ever had and the greatest people I've ever worked with. We can