Michael Lohan

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Michael Lohan is all grown up and, well, handsome.
Usually it's Lindsay Lohan who's the one in her family landing in the tabloids ... but earlier this month, it was her dad
Lindsay Lohan may be ready to have her once-estranged father, Michael Lohan, back in her life, but she's not interested in
Dina and Michael, who married in 1985, settled their divorce in 2007. The divorce played out in public while Lindsay was
In the era of reality television and social media, it's almost easy to become a celebrity and maintain that celebrity status
Nik eventually asked Michael if he was "totally freaked out" when Lindsay "became" a lesbian. The famed spinner didn't take
Third time's a charm, right? Well, for Lindsay Lohan it might be the sixth time that does it. After visiting the 26-year
Meanwhile, Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, showed off the first pictures of his new baby boy, Landon. Michael and girlfriend
Between her legal bills, unpaid taxes, and the fact that she's not making $7 million per film anymore (Lohan was actually