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Up above, in comparison, stared the poster of Greg Louganis, looking perfectly posed and natural, and the night's one clear
Gay porn mogul Michael Lucas is tackling Russia's controversial "gay propaganda" laws as part of a new documentary. Lucas
In a new interview with Queerty, Lucas discussed how his perspective on condom use in the films produced by Lucas Entertainment
Crocker, who was featured in the 2012 documentary, "Me at the Zoo," hinted at his interest in porn in an interview with HuffPost
According to Lucas, the film will likely be released in April. He says he's planning on sending it out to film festivals
Following the release of "Kings Of New York 2" featuring the illustrious Tanning Mom, gay porn mogul Michael Lucas has set
Chunky-yet-funky "RuPaul's Drag Race" favorite Latrice Royale is making his gay porn debut -- but it looks the season four
With Putin's anti-gay laws in place, will Obama's presence make a difference? How are Russians reacting to the witch hunt? Wes Hurley and Yelena Goltsman join Dena to weigh in.
Alexeyev was previously asked to provide the keynote speech at the Human Rights First conference this week, but the organization
Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading Russian LGBT rights activist and outspoken critic of Russia's homophobic culture of fear and violence, appeared to have a high-profile social media meltdown this week, causing some to speculate that his Twitter feed had been hacked.