Michael Madigan

Since becoming a candidate for governor in 2013, Bruce Rauner has put $60 million into various campaign funds. That's more
Rauschenberger says the loss of power during those years changed Madigan's approach thereafter and instilled a will to never
With a large staff at its offices in Chicago and Springfield and several specialized subsidiaries -- Illinois Policy Action
Why should we care about what happens in contested state legislative races all over the state this year? Each really is about
Munger was appointed comptroller by Rauner in 2015 and Mendoza rarely mentions her opponent without a reference to Rauner
In classic, clever campaign legislating, majority House Democrats pushed through and approved one redistricting reform proposal
But given the tremendously arduous process necessary to get any ballot initiative before the court -- it starts with gathering
"For 83 years the American national government and state governments including Illinois have always worked to raise wage
The infographic excerpted in the video above is here. Whether the proposed amendment, organized by the Independent Map Amendment
Locked in a bitter struggle with House Speaker Michael Madigan over a reform agenda that's largely been ignored by Democrats