Michael Madigan

If Rauner really wants to test the checks and balances of the three-branch government, he'll have a chance in 2018, when
The Illinois Policy Institute's new Michael Madigan documentary,"Madigan: Power, Privilege, Politics," will serve as a significant
Recommended: 20 must-try restaurants along Illinois Route 66 No press is bad press All this adds up to a raft of free publicity
The top House race that looks mathematically best for Democrats to pick up is the northwest side district of Republican state
Munger was appointed comptroller by Rauner in 2015 and Mendoza rarely mentions her opponent without a reference to Rauner
Opinion by Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek That letter? The amendment it mentions, House Joint Resolution Constitutional
The ruling majority of justices in their decision singled out one problem with the proposed amendment that put it in violation
A day after Gov. Bruce Rauner called the Illinois Democratic Party a "corrupt political machine" during a rally at the Illinois
More than 560,000 Illinoisans signed a petition for a constitutional amendment to remove politicians from the process of
Here's video as well as the full text of Rauner's speech. "I've been governor of Illinois for a year and a half now. We've
By the way, I bet Illinois could make a nice tax haul if we'd legalize fireworks like Indiana and Missouri. MADELEINE: Oh
The plan passed on June 30 will get Illinois through the year, but the same issues that caused the yearlong budget impasse
Thus, prospective opponents from the opposing party stand little chance and incumbents go unchallenged. Those are our topics
Events this week in state politics inspired us to begin promotion of two Twitter hashtags: #doyourjob and #ilbudgetnow. We
In the months to come, Madigan would sharpen his criticism of Rauner and his policies, which Madigan said sought to revive
That's cold, right? Well, tough, it's every man and woman for himself. It's all about me, right? Just like the Springfield
MATT DIETRICH: Hi Madeleine. I'd love to answer your question but at the moment I'm being bombarded by emails from the governor's
At least four of the state's public universities have seen a drop in applications for the coming fall semester: Eastern, Western
The week saw Gov. Bruce Rauner and the four leaders of the General Assembly meet on the state budget for only the second
As FY 2017 approaches, groups of rank-and-file lawmakers have tried to make progress on a budget that covers FY 2017 while