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It's a sign that opposition to the bill is becoming the only acceptable conservative stance.
"It is clear adjustments are needed," says the top Republican congressman on the issue.
Michael McCaul criticized Democrats' record on terrorism but couldn't explain how Trump would improve on it.
As the debate on the Iran nuclear agreement appears to be all but over, President Obama and his backers are claiming a diplomatic victory, while his opposition in Congress are doing everything in their power to stop it.
Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, said when asked about the spending bill that the priority had to be stopping
During a Thursday Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, Army Secretary John McHugh said Lopez, a native of Puerto Rico
Click here to read more on the shooting at Fort Hood. Hours after a mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, left at least four
If tensions between the United States and Russia continue to escalate, however, it's safe to bet that pressure on members
As members of Congress and the Obama administration scramble to respond to the increasing threat posed by the Russian military in Ukraine, economic sanctions are emerging as the United States' preferred method of exercising its leverage.
Among the senators who backed further sanctions on Monday was another wealthy member, North Carolina Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan
The congressman said he still had questions about the two Iranian asylum seekers on the plane, although he quickly qualified
Various Russian governments have been embroiled in an on-and-off conflict with Chechen nationalists since the Russian empire
“He may well have,” she said, “we don’t know at this stage.” Charges like these have been levied at Snowden since he first
An analysis of personal financial disclosure data by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics reveals that "for the first time in history" a majority of senators and representatives are millionaires.