michael mccaul

It's a sign that opposition to the bill is becoming the only acceptable conservative stance.
"It is clear adjustments are needed," says the top Republican congressman on the issue.
Michael McCaul criticized Democrats' record on terrorism but couldn't explain how Trump would improve on it.
As the debate on the Iran nuclear agreement appears to be all but over, President Obama and his backers are claiming a diplomatic victory, while his opposition in Congress are doing everything in their power to stop it.
McCaul and Cadien, a registered nurse, were battling to represent Texas' 10th District. Below, live updates on midterm news
"The best way to do that is for planeloads of these young people to be returning to the country of origin," he told CNN's
Lopez, his wife and their young child moved to the Killeen area, where Fort Hood is located, in February. Prior to the move
McCaul said the "problem" in both Fort Hood shootings was that members of the military were not armed, and thus unable to
Frankel was not the only member with Russian stock holdings who sought to put distance between herself and her Russian assets