Michael McFaul

The withdrawal of the American leadership creates an "extraordinary" vacuum for Putin, says Michael McFaul.
President Donald Trump called it an “incredible offer” just days earlier.
The Trump administration declined to say no when asked if it would let Russian officials question a U.S. citizen.
It "undermine" America's credibility in working with key intelligence agencies, Michael McFaul says.
Russian news agencies were told McFaul had been added to a sanctions list.
The scope of the sanctions are both individuals and Russian companies that are in some way implicated. There are two different
MOSCOW, May 14 (Reuters) - Russia's Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul on Tuesday after a U.S. embassy
Russia's new NGO law is more than a move against organizations receiving foreign funding. It is part of a broader campaign to squeeze out those the Kremlin sees as peddlers of "soft power."
Bringing democratic reform to Russia will require concerted effort by the United States, our allies, NGOs, and the Russian people. Opening Russia's market under WTO rules can play a useful role in this effort.
It's high time to toss aside diplomatic niceties and place Russia in the diplomatic stockade for its sheltering of the illegitimate Bashar al-Assad from global wrath.
While President Obama has been criticized by many on the political left and right for moving too slowly in reacting to Libya, there is simply no truth to the notion that he dragged his heels in orchestrating action there. The decisions made by the White House on Libya, whether one liked or disliked those decisions, happened at an incredible rate. Obama has changed the dynamics of response to potential and real mass human tragedy.