Michael Ovitz

Who has experienced a moment in their lives where something happened that forever changed the course of their career? Like
The song "About A Train" is about to be released on the new Spin Doctors' blues-rock CD, If The River Was Whiskey. The album comes out April 30th.
With IMG Worldwide Chairman and CEO Ted Forstmann on his deathbed, board member Michael Ovitz has made a failed play to take
The City of Beverly Hills will soon be home to a new 9/11 Memorial Garden, thanks to a recently acquired steel artifact from
Former Hollywood journalist Anita Busch is pushing ahead with a lawsuit against Michael Ovitz and AT&T for damages stemming
Still, at the time it was hard not to get lost in the heady feeling of unending power that pervaded conservative-occupied
A documentary that takes you behind the curtain to show the magic being made, Waking Sleeping Beauty still manages to dazzle because of the complex, utterly human story it tells.
The author was obviously trying to put the 2009 dinner in context with how previous years' affairs went. But he may have gotten a bit carried away in including quite so many characters, even as afterthoughts.
CLICK THROUGH TO LISTEN Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has always resented the fact that peers made more money than him with
"Did Mr. Ovitz pay Mr. Pellicano money?" asked Mr. Lally, clearly certain of Mr. Ornellas' answer. "Yes. He paid via check through a law firm and also via cash," replied Agent Ornellas.