Michael Rogers

"I'm not prepared to answer your question today," Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told Sen. Marco Rubio.
Rogers has faced criticism over security lapses in the post-Edward Snowden era.
Admiral Michael Rogers has quite a task afoot, as Director of the National Security Agency and the military's Cyber Command Mission Force. Speaking at a luncheon organised by retired Captain Kevin Wensing, Admiral Rogers said that the agency will eventually contain 6200 dedicated computer personnel split into 133 teams.
The newly installed director of the National Security Agency says that while he has seen some terrorist groups alter their
"I would think they'd be much less inclined to do so without it," he said. Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, now the Navy's top
Reuters reported last month that Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, commander of the U.S. Navy's 10th Fleet and the Navy's top
Since Prop. 8 in CA and the political melee of DADT, the gay community has begun to question the money filtering from LGBT lobbyists' pockets into the campaigns of legislators who subsequently vote against LGBT causes.
To date, Rodgers has raised $4,830 for the hospital. He plans to make his final push for donations now that he knows he can