Michael Sam

Inspired by Michael Sam and the Pulse nightclub shooting, Justice Horn chose to come out in a sport where gay men are a rarity.
“But I thought, when he ... you know, when -- when he was really going at it ..."
The presumptive GOP nominee sounded uncomfortable when two men kissed on television.
Recently, I asked my mother why she questioned my coming out. She said that she had always known that I was gay. As a young boy, she said, I was somewhat effeminate and would often walk around the house with my wrists draped. She wanted me to be aware of the potential challenges, disappointments, and heartache that could lie ahead for me.
Two years, ago your name came up in one of the most improbable places. A few weeks before the St. Louis Rams drafted Michael
Still, he has no regrets about his coming out journey.
Because no young person should ever "feel like they can't be comfortable being who they are."
Michael Sam believes he's good enough to play in the NFL. Steve Martin said, "Be so good they can't ignore you." But life isn't fair, and they can and will ignore you. And there's nothing you can do about it. 
"I wanted to be the one to tell my own story. I didn't want someone to tell it for me," he said.
The athlete says he'll also "train to get back to football."
Sam's career in professional football has been beset by troubles after he made history with his draft in the NFL.