michael sam comes out

Immediately following the documentary, Sam sits down with Oprah for his first television interview since being cut. During
Sam's interview with the magazine will be rolled out later this week. In the meantime, the athlete tweeted an image of his
"To anyone out there -- especially young people -- feeling like they don't fit in and will never be accepted, please know
"We didn’t start off as huge fans of each other," Sam tells writer Christopher Glazek in the interview, which took place
Is there a high level of disgust, criticism, hate, or anger that has been produced by Michael Sam being picked as the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL?
By the time you read this, I will have changed my Facebook profile picture. And I hope you'll do the same.
For his part, Sam seems to be shrugging off the opposition. "It's OK to be who you are," he told reporters when he was formally
By the time you read this, I will have changed my Facebook profile picture. And I hope you'll do the same. Why?
Football fans realize that draft decisions are nuanced -- an art and a science. And that's exactly why Sam's poor draft showing should disappoint those who hoped and expected better from the NFL on draft day. Sam's on-field performance speaks volumes.
College football star Michael Sam has signed his first endorsement deal with Visa as he volleys to become the first openly
In recent weeks, Klingenschmitt has argued in defense of Russia's "gay propaganda" laws, claiming, "If you're recruiting
I love American football. But it has become increasingly clear that the NFL of generations past, the "golden eras" to which commentators allude that I have never seen or been made aware of, cannot survive today.
Sam, a former defensive lineman for the University of Missouri, publicly announced he is gay to the New York Times and ESPN
We have a couple of data points for this. The first is Jason Collins, who came out after the NBA season last year. He's a
One of the most annoying sidebars of Michael Sam's coming out is how some LGBTs who will take it upon themselves to play armchair psychologist and proclaim the African-American community intrinsically homophobic.
I AM GAY. With those three words Michael Sam made history as the first openly gay African American male to possibly be drafted into the ranks of the NFL. I can only imagine that an enormous weight has been lifted from this 24-year-old man's shoulders.
I understand on a small scale what it's like to receive anonymous hateful comments from cowards and other unenlightened souls, but nothing I've received will compare to what this young man will receive in the coming months.
"God does not give homosexuality as part of who you are," LaBarbera noted. "I think that’s the saddest thing of all, to think
If your gay teammate is showering at the same time, kudos to you for noticing he walked into the showers. Why are you watching him so closely, anyway? Seriously, are you cruising him?