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Trump, as might have been be expected, has responded in kind by asserting the "shackles" holding back further criticism of
Conspiracy theories aren't incidental to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, they're one of its driving forces.
Today's topics include: Antonin Scalia is Dead; This Changes Everything; The Republican Obstructionist Reaction; Ted Cruz Vows to Filibuster; Ted Cruz Baffled by Reality; Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Donald Trump Think Scalia was Murdered; and much more.
Donald Trump is just one of many people questioning how the justice died.
It is difficult enough to confront resurgent diseases without an explosion of unhinged conspiracy mongering.
Michael Savage is taking over Sean Hannity's timeslot on Cumulus radio stations starting January 2014. Savage will broadcast
Sean Hannity is set to be bounced from Cumulus, the second-biggest radio network in the United States, according to multiple reports on Thursday night.
Sean Hannity is set to part ways with Cumulus, the second-biggest radio network in the United States, according to multiple
Question: How do you know when the media's First Amendment right to free speech is under attack? Answer: Don't worry, they'll tell you!
Michael Savage, the popular conservative radio host, has found a new home for his show, "The Savage Nation," which went off
Conservative firebrand Michael Savage is not known to mince words--one of his favorite adjectives is "Islamofascist," and
With talk radio almost uncontested, too many of today's conservative talkers take advantage of the fact that if you tell a lie big enough, people will believe it. Is it any wonder that large numbers of Americans still think the president is a Muslim or a foreigner or worse?
Speaking on his Wednesday radio show, Levin promised Priorities USA $50,000 in exchange for a one-hour debate with Obama
In order to claim his prize, Gingrich must drop out of the race within 72-hours. Savage urged Gingrich to "take the money
No person who accepts the killing of an American citizen without due process, based on the assessment of the executive branch alone, can call themselves a Liberal.
Michael Savages rant against Mikey Weinstein this week included some remarks that were apparently so offensive that they even had to be edited out of even a show as offensive as his.
If I want to watch a movie now, I just search and download or stream on Netflix. My browsing is limited to the genres "end-of-the-world" and "suburban dysfunction," which Netflix says are my favorites.