Michael Scheuer

One anchor just asked a Michigan mayor if she's "afraid" of the city's growing Muslim population.
Americans, he added, shouldn't care about seeing non-American civilians killed.
Former CIA offier and blogger Michael Scheuer appeared on CNN's "Smerconish" on Saturday, where he advocated for the United States to bomb universities and hospitals in the Middle East as part of its efforts to combat ISIS.
Barack Obama is daring the terrorists. He's standing in their front yard. He's calling them out. Of course, that's not how it's reported.
What figure on the world scene would you expect a biographer to describe as "pious, brave, generous, intelligent, charismatic, patient, visionary, stubborn, egalitarian, and, most of all, realistic"?
Stewart spoke from the perspective of someone who lived through a terrorist attack and had little patience for fools who just casually suggest that maybe we'd all benefit from another one.
Nancy Pelosi, this week, accused the CIA of lying. Who, journalists collectively ask, could ever accuse the CIA of lying? Who indeed? Almost anybody, it seems to me.
"Six U.S. and foreign officials confirmed to The News that northwestern Pakistan's impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains - which