Michael Schur

The group's decision to use the clip, featuring Poehler's "Parks and Recreation" character Leslie Knope, backfired badly.
Can Leslie Knope fix all that? Nope, but thank God she and her fictional Pawnee friends exist. Here are just a few of the
I wanted to throw an idea at you, which is this: More than "Game of Thrones," more than "Battlestar Galactica," your show
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has a genial, pleasing loopiness and very solid work from an intelligently assembled cast.
When asked why he chose to sign on for a TV show so soon after exiting "SNL," Samberg got a little mushy talking about fellow
The producers were also inspired by "Barney Miller" in its realistic mix of ethnicities (if not its inclusion of women), pointing
Louis C.K. took home the Emmy for Outstanding Writing For A Comedy at the 64th annual Emmys awards ceremony for his work
"I want people to tune in next year and feel like, no matter what the result of the election is, that they’re watching the
The hybrid is the ultimate goal. Yeah. The picken. Or the chig. Why not? It's funny, being married to Megan -- for years
2011 WORKERS VOICE AWARDS WINNERS Best Film (Feature) A Better Life. Director: Chris Weitz (Summit/Green Orchard) Can a film