Michael Scott

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Mark Twain remains the most frequently quoted American author, which means he is also the most frequently misquoted author. When a good Mark Twain quote is needed to punch up a paper or spice up a speech, it is possible to verify it with a credible source.
Don't Label Your Employees (Literally): One of the major hinderances to workplace diversity is that white male managers often
Robert Larson of suburban Westchester told the Tribune he was kayaking on the river just north of 31st Street near the Brookfield
On Thursday night, "The Office" will finally say goodbye to NBC after eight years on the air. The series finale of "The Office
The good news: The Office has a legacy as large as its heart (and Dwight's head). It'll never really be gone, because it's changed, well, everything. It's inside us now. That's what she said.
Baker's claim also prompted authorities to search the Des Plaines River for Bryeon but that search was called off due to
A particularly instructive storyline on Season 2 of "Friends" sees a characteristically naive Joey land a high-profile role
Following Carell's departure, "The Office" brought in James Spader, Catherine Tate and promoted Ed Helms' character to branch
Not only has The Office transitioned into the post Michael Scott era with grace, but I am relishing the complexity of the other characters and story lines.
Steve Carell's departure from "The Office" left such a massive void that it took the show's producers months to decide who
And it's not like Carell is any stranger to making interesting hair choices lately, facial or otherwise. A photo of the comedian
Rosh Hashanah may be around the corner, but it felt more like Passover nearly a week ago when The Office's Carell was overlooked in his last chance to take home the gold.
Before the show, Carell downplayed expectations, telling MTV, "[Winning] would be a culmination of all my hopes and dreams
Watch the exclusive Fox report here: "You will find across the city that teachers spend on average $1,500 a year on school
Still, Carell has confidence that the show will continue to be good -- even if he's glad he left. So, one last Michael Scott