Michael Smerconish

Khan said "the same hate" that sparked the New Zealand shooting also prompted the Charleston and Pittsburgh shootings.
The next time an American voter asks Bernie Sanders what he means by "socialism," this is what I would whisper in his ear...
Americans, he added, shouldn't care about seeing non-American civilians killed.
On a public level, substituting "fidelity" for "faith" in our discussions would let us get past the tired faith-versus-science debate (or even the faith-versus-works debate). And on a personal level, all of us could benefit from analyzing our own embodied lives to find out to what or to whom we are authentically faithful.
CNN is going to put four anchors in the ring and see who emerges as the victor in the quest to find a replacement for Piers
Michael Smerconish is joining CNN to host a new weekly Saturday morning show, the network announced Monday. The new host
Smerconish has been on a steady rise and broadening his career. And he has done so, in my view, by following a "purple" formula: applying intellectually consistent standards equally to the left and right, questioning the orthodoxy of both and, most importantly, avoiding impugning motives or attacking others personally.
I see the need for a draft to ensure that a trigger-happy president and Congress don't overextend us in a dangerous world to fulfill commitments that should never have been made.
I am 50 now and have been trying to get back into radio. 30 years of fermentation can brew some interesting flavors. But
Every time I hear Donald Trump talk about President Obama's birth certificate, I think of O.J. Simpson. The conspiracy theory invented by Simpson's defenders was every bit as loopy as the fantasies concerning Obama.
All of this is a calculated risk for him. He could have played it safe and stayed as a ranting right-winger. But sometimes
If you think it is a good idea to increase the size of Congress, I don't have to convince you that the time to say something is now. We need to make the argument that this is what members of Congress want.
Any conversation about political polarization would be incomplete without a look at the media's role in shaping opinions
We need to bootstrap ourselves to become hungry for the knowledge to train ourselves. No one else is going to help us. We need to stop our societal grubbing for money as an end.
The flotilla raid has made for inflamed discourse in the days that have followed. A Specter-led investigation would be a welcome bridge over troubled waters.
Such a statement is rare for a sitting member of a presidential cabinet, but as Sebelius noted, she had personal experience
Interestingly, the Sestak job offer issue never impacted the primary. Just as in the case of Rand Paul's comments, it was out there well in advance of the primary but did not create a stir until after the polls had closed.
Elected officials spend only as much time together as is absolutely necessary. And they only see each other in a single context: the ugly political and ideological clashes that end up dominating the daily talk radio shows.