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His alleged victim claims there was no assault, but another actor is resigning amid the allegations.
"I think he needs to do a little more reading before he starts talking about it."
“The roles of a traditional diplomat and wife are very much changed."
I've told this story before but it bears repeating, especially in these trying times. For many years, I ran youth programs in the District of Columbia. I worked with hundreds, maybe thousands, of young people all over the city. Still, I keep coming back to the experiences of two kids.
The Inhotim Collection is billed as "the only Brazilian Institute with a world-class collection of contemporary art continuously on display."
Michael Smith Inc. is not just any interior design firm; it's THE interior design firm. With A-listers like Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford and Net-a-Porter's Natalie Massenet counting themselves as loyal devotees, Michael Smith's company is known far and wide for distinctive and iconic home styling.
Michael Smith was woken up by a tree-cutting crew Tuesday morning so he went outside — shirtless — and asked them to leave. The crew reportedly became alarmed as Smith came out yelling and bearing a tattoo of a gun thinking he was holstering an actual firearm in his pants.
When Michael and Nova Smith didn't get the hash browns they ordered at McDonald's, they did more than chew out the employees
Peek inside Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's Eco-Friendly LA Home Scroll through the photos below to see this home, and be
Some of Obama's top donors, however, are unlikely to have time for an ambassadorship. Director Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks