michael strahan

“I want to go to space,” Strahan told “Good Morning America.” “I think being there at the first launch, it really was mind-blowing.”
The "Good Morning America" anchor joined "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon for the hijinks at the Madame Tussauds museum in New York.
The Pro Football Hall Of Famer told Jimmy Fallon about "the hardest, most challenging job" he has had.
Studio camera operator Tony Greer was one of the "Good Morning America" family, the anchor said.
The host revealed his short and sweet signoff plans for when the time comes.
"I stopped waiting for people to change their perception about me. I had to change it for them."
The "Good Morning America" host said the team deserved "a proper meal."
The "Tonight Show" host tested whether he was fit for duty in a dare from Michael Strahan.
The retired NFL star spoke about his support for the protests on Ellen DeGeneres' show.