Michael Stuhlbarg

The actor appeared in three Best Picture nominees this year, but didn't get a single nomination for himself.
There were whispers of steamy gay sex scenes and piercing performances from the cast.
Carrying on, accepting accolades from admirers for his fine work, and perhaps under the influence of the special whiskey
I understand creative license and why films need to condense, simplify, fudge, and invent to create drama, but is there a point where this can be considered excessively dishonest?
Introducing his movie of music legend Miles Davis for the closing night of the New York Film Festival, Don Cheadle reminded everyone that Miles was inducted posthumously into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame --for his innovations in jazz.
The demands of a major motion picture and its limitations may be too conventional and narrow a box for the complex and world-changing Jobs.
Explorers come in all shapes and flavors. From the Vikings to the Spanish conquistadors; from the Portuguese to the English, those with restless souls who craved adventure found it difficult to resist a challenge.
Tanaquil LeClercq was a lithe, angular beauty, a dancer who graced ballet until polio struck, paralyzing her and ending her
Approaching the age of 80, with more than 40 feature films under his belt, Woody Allen continues to astonish, finding new ways to surprise audiences with each year's film.
"Jasmine was a gift of a role," said Cate Blanchett at the New York premiere of Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen's new movie.
Lincoln's major achievement is the creation of the grand world in which Lincoln exists in balance with the quiet, tender internal struggle he endured. The films confronts issues of freedom we debate to this day.
Why, ten years after an underperforming sequel, is there a Men In Black 3? Are there burning questions about agents J (Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) that were left unresolved? Is there an arch-nemesis still on the loose?
Not every third movie installment has to be abysmal, as we all saw in 2010 with the thoroughly enjoyable and heartwarming Toy Story 3. Does Men In Black 3 please or disappoint?
Going back to films, you have "Men In Black 3" coming out. Can you tell us a little about your character, Griffin? Is he
The summer has felt like a Jessica Chastain festival: to name two, she stars as a decidedly unconventional Southern housewife in The Help and a Mossad secret agent in The Debt.
If you are late to the series, have no fear that you will be at sea. Weighing in on the conversation about New Orleans, the show features sly humor, insider tidbits and some of the best jazz on television.
This Sunday kicks off Awards Season with the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Ricky Gervais, the first Globes host in 15