Michael Voltaggio

Chef Michael Voltaggio is known for a lot of things.
Repeat with second cup of cheese. For the cheese points 2 c. Parmesan cheese, grated Cheese points: Sprinkle 1 cup of cheese
In the clip above, Voltaggio beautifully explains one of the reasons chefs use this tactic: "[You try to be] as simple as
Chefs Michael Voltaggio & Roy Choi unveil some tips for simplifying and bringing success to any menu.
From Cronuts to Ramen Burgers, chefs today are pairing beloved foods with some unexpected ones. Chefs Michael Voltaggio & Roy Choi unveil their take on some very unlikely Oreo creations. See what they've done to the iconic cookie!
It looks as insane as it sounds.
It's been one of the mildest summers in years in L.A., but for food lovers it's been ghost-chili hot (and for ghost chili lovers, new Indian gastropub, Badmaash, is serving it up in a curry). So here are some highlights to check out before fall.
Superficially speaking, of course.
But with great celebrity comes great responsibility -- and chefs knew that in addition to all the fanfare, they were also
Top Chef alumni and brothers Michael and Bryan Voltaggio stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday to once again
And although they aren't on our slideshow, restaurant newcomers like Michael Voltaggio's Ink and Cleo at the Redbury Hotel
For LA's food enthusiasts, Labor Day weekend was not just a simple BBQ; it was a four-day affair of nine gluttonous to-do's
I look forward to engaging with my fellow chefs in this important discussion about what the food community can do to help the millions of Africans currently at risk from this famine, and I hope you do too.
Ice Cream Sandwiches Peanut Butter and Jelly ($5) Mexican Chocolate Chip and Horchata ($5) But we wouldn't expect anything
L.A. chefs Ludo Lefebvre and Michael Voltaggio say they have cried and bled in the name of their profession, so the eighth
The anticipation surrounding chef Michael Voltaggio's next move has been near palpable since early summer, when he announced
To see what's happened to the previous Top Chef winners, flip through the brief slideshow below. Top Chef DC -- the seventh